KUWAIT: As part of its activities to boost public awareness about safety conditions while using elevators, KFSD’s prevention sector inspection teams launched an intensive inspection campaign of various buildings to make sure all elevators work safely and properly. KFSD deputy director for prevention affairs Maj Gen Khaled Abdullah Fahd urged various facility owners to have elevators regularly maintained by accredited licensed companies, install inner protection doors and replace all manual doors with automatic ones.

Hajj medical mission
MoH’s media office manager Dr Ghalya Al-Mutairi said a special plan has been prepared to cooperate with the ministry of awqaf and the hajj medical mission. The aim of the plan is to provide all the data needed to avoid health problems for all age categories during the hajj season. Speaking on the sidelines of an awareness seminar organized by the office under the auspices of Health Minister Sheikh Dr Basel Al-Sabah for members of the medical team due to accompany the hajj mission, Mutairi stressed that pre-hajj vaccinations were a requirement. Pilgrims are also to be advised on the utmost importance of medical kits. She also highlighted the need to be fully prepared to deal with pilgrims with chronic diseases and the safe storage of medicines. Furthermore, Mutairi reminded team members that pilgrims will be possibly subjected to various types of infections developing amongst huge crowds, in addition to dehydration, sunstroke, exhaustion and gastric disorders, and urged them to be fully prepared to deal with such cases.

KPTC allowances
KPTC employees’ syndicate chairman Khaled Abdullah Al-Awadhi said the syndicate had suggested paying citizens working in KPTC national labor support allowances. He stressed that MP Abdullah Al-Kandari supports this proposal and submitted it to the parliamentary financial and economic affairs committee on Sunday. Awadhi expressed hope that lawmakers will approve and pass this proposal because citizens working for KPTC had not received any pay hikes for years like their peers in the government and private sector. “Unfortunately, KPTC employees are treated as private sector employees in various aspects but do not even get one quarter of the incentives citizens working for the private sector get,” he underlined, noting that he had met KIA Chairman and Managing Director Farouq Bastaki, who promised to consider paying national labor support allowances to 70 citizens working for KPTC.

Overemployment problems
A number of young Kuwaiti graduates pleaded Minister of Commerce and PAI Chairman Khaled Al-Roudhan to accelerate the process of allocating an industrial plot in the Amghara scrap area in order to put an end to overemployment in government bodies and support Kuwaiti youth seeking entrepreneurship opportunities. In an official letter addressed to Roudhan, the young graduates demanded evicting the current occupants of sectors 1, 2 and 3 of the area who had lease contracts from Agility company, as the contract it had signed with PAI has expired. They also demanded dividing the area into 5,000 sq m plots and offering them for bidding amongst Kuwaiti youth to help resolve the problem of unemployment, increase the state’s revenues and achieve equality amongst citizens.

Summer training
Kuwait Science Club (KSC) Chairman Talal Jassim Al-Kharafi highly commended the ongoing cooperation with the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP), namely in terms of hiring students during the summer vacation so that they could spend their holidays fruitfully. Speaking during a meeting with MGRP’s training department manager Tareq Al-Kandari, Kharafi stressed that MGRP’s summer training program had attracted many Kuwait students and that it provides them with ample chances to get first hand training to prepare them for their future jobs. Kharafi suggested offering students part-time jobs throughout the year as well. Kandary thanked KSC for its constant support to the student training program and stressed that the club is the most active in serving youth amongst various NGOs in Kuwait.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi