KUWAIT: Official sources said people who cut down trees can face criminal charges as per the laws of the environment authority. The sources, quoted in an Al-Qabas Arabic daily reported yesterday, said concerned authorities will take strict measures against those felling trees, adding there will be no laxity in protecting the environment. The sources said after the department that monitors the government’s performance learned about the issue, head of department Sheikh Ahmad Al-Mishal contacted Environment Public Authority Director General Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad and the issue is being followed since.

The sources said felling trees in any place is a crime punishable under article 41 of the environmental law, which bans grazing or use of land for irrigated farming or any other activity that may harm the amount or quality of the green cover in any area. Destroying plants and trees and plucking flowers in public areas and facilities are prohibited, excluding what is mentioned in the implementation rules of this law for development purposes – in any case the removed shrubs and trees must be compensated for. Fines may reach KD 5,000 against those involved in cutting trees.