munaI tried not to write a word about this matter until the investigation is over, but it seems everyone in Kuwait has an opinion on the scandal. I will not repeat the full details of the story that appeared in Britain’s Daily Mail and Daily Star tabloids claiming that the pilot of a Kuwait Airways plane invited two girls into the cockpit during a flight from Heathrow airport in London to New York’s JFK.

The report did not say when the incident took place. But Kuwait Airways responded to the reports in a Twitter post, claiming that the incident happened in 2013. The minister of communications said an investigation has been opened over the incident, and to me this is the end of the story. If this incident occurred years ago, then either action against the captain has already been taken or has been ignored, and the investigation should now also reveal the truth behind those who covered it up.

We are in 2015 – why the silence over the incident? A friend asked my opinion on this incident and we had an interesting discussion over the matter. Here is what I think and why. I believe the story could be true, but fantasy elements made it spicy material for social media, city talk and competitors. I know that we have seen the video and pictures, but not everything you see in today’s era of technology is true.

So far we have only heard the story from the girls’ side and not the pilot, the co-pilot and the security men on the plane. We all know every plane has air marshals onboard for the safety of the passengers. Also, how come no one said a word about the two-year-old incident? In Kuwait it is hard to keep a secret, especially if it is related to a scandal of this size with girls involved! I cannot agree more that if the story is true, then the captain broke aviation regulations, and I am sure there are penalties for that, but what I don’t understand is using this incident as a way to trash the reputation of KAC as an institution simply because one person made a mistake, and this may not be the first or the last mistake to occur. This is not fair.

KAC is facing huge competition in the market, and a story like this will surely make every passenger think twice before using its new airplanes out of fear that such careless staff will put their lives in danger in the air.

Many companies and merchants have been seeking the privatization or sale of KAC, and because this did not happen, it makes sense to publish such stories to destroy the reputation of the local carrier. The timing is right! There will always be mistakes made by airlines in any part of the world, but such exaggeration hurts KAC, as it is still the national carrier and it’s shameful to allow mistakes by a few to disrupt the company’s recent efforts

By Muna Al-Fuzai