KUWAIT: Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) launched its new sales office in Phase 3 of The Avenues mall yesterday. The ceremony was attended by KAC Chairman Yousef Al-Jassim, CEO Abdullah Al-Sharhan, Deputy General Manager of Civil Aviation Ahmad Al-Quoud and other dignitaries.

The new office is spread over 260 m in a special location on the first floor of Grand Avenues. It is equipped with the latest technology, providing services through 16 counters, out of which eight are for economy class, four for royal, first and business classes, two for Oasis Club members and two for client enquiries, with giving priority to the disabled. It’s open Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, and on Saturday from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. It is closed on Fridays.

Opening this office aims to strengthen the relations of KAC with its clients and provide them with easy communications. The office offers various services including issuing tickets, reservations from inside and outside Kuwait, receiving complaints and inquiries and other services. KAC is keen to get close to its clients by launching new offices in different locations to meet their needs and provide best services by its professional staff.

This office is part of KAC’s expansion plans and to increase its market share of passenger numbers locally and regionally. The Avenues office will not deal with reservations for medical treatment abroad, providing medical beds or oxygen machines onboard, and refunding tickets. These services are available at the KAC office at Rakan Tower on Fahd Al-Salem Street.
KAC Chairman Jassim said this office was the idea of the previous administration of KAC and it was finally realized. “We should respect passengers’ needs and new trends, especially since today shopping is connected to malls. We are now present in the iconic Avenues mall to provide our services to our clients. We hope to increase our revenues as well,” he said during the opening ceremony.

New KAC flights

This event coincides with the launch of new KAC flights to Arab countries from the T4 terminal. “We started operations from T4 with Dubai flights, then other GCC destinations 10 days ago, and today Arab destinations. We hope that our flights to Europe will also be added within 10 days, but this depends on the Civil Aviation. We have more plans that will be realized soon and will improve our services,” added Jassim.

He revealed there will be some changes in the number of aircraft in KAC’s fleet, but refused to provide more information about the models and number of aircraft before signing the deals. “KAC will issue a statement on October 15 regarding the final size of the fleet after the final signings with Airbus. There is a change in the number of aircraft in the deal signed in 2014. This change was decided after a detailed study to align with operations till 2026,” he explained.

According to Jassim, the delivery dates haven’t changed. “According to the contract, the first aircraft will be delivered in March 2019. Then other deliveries will continue till 2026. After receiving the new aircraft, we will launch new destinations in the East and the West that will be soon announced,” he stressed. KAC may sign more contracts in the future. “It’s possible to sign contracts with Boeing according to the needs of our fleet depending on the operations. There is no fixed number or models of aircrafts. So whenever new models with new sizes are manufactured, KAC reacts depending on its needs,” he concluded.

CEO Sharhan noted that the new office at the Avenues will boost sales by attracting more clients who come to The Avenues for shopping. “KAC started operating from the T4 terminal on September 30, and currently there are over 40 flights daily to 11 destinations. The passengers gave positive feedback regarding flights at T4. Now we are building the Bayan Lounge on the upper level of T4,” added Sharhan. Today there are seven KAC offices apart from its headquarters. “Sales are increasing by 25-30 percent annually through online and applications. We expect a hike in sales after launching this new office at the Avenues,” Sharhan said. – photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

By Nawara Fattahova