KUWAIT: Judicial laws that the government is currently preparing to be discussed and passed by the parliament will be deferred until the next parliamentary term, informed sources said. The ‘State Council’ project includes the public prosecution, courts and the Fatwa and Legislation Department is still subject to study, the sources said, adding that it was also expected to be submitted to the parliament in the next term.

The sources added that the parliament’s legislation committee is still studying the judiciary independence bill, especially since the government has made some new amendments. “The bill will probably be voted on by mid-June unless more studies are needed,” stressed the sources, noting that this might delay the bill until the next parliamentary term.

The sources explained that the government’s amendments to the judiciary independence law were approved by the Supreme Judiciary Council, adding that some points still needed amendments, because the law still gives the justice minister some financial and administrative powers. “MPs’ disagreement on this point might postpone discussing the law until the next parliamentary term,” said the sources.

By A Saleh