John’s diaries on Kuwait: Part II

Talal Al-Ghannam

Good morning dear brothers and sisters. In this article I would like to continue my previous article which was about John’s diaries on his visit to Kuwait.

As I mentioned in my recent article [] I was speechless because I could not reply to John’s queries about unfortunate practices taking place here.

While out driving around to show John the sights of our beautiful country, he noticed many incidents that sparked his interest. I told myself that I must defend my position and try to respond to his queries and misunderstandings about my country even if my replies are not convincing because I agree with him that there are irresponsible behaviors taking place in Kuwait and they must be corrected.

One day we were driving along the beach road towards the Kuwait Towers and my friend John noticed a lady driving her car with her infant in her lap. John said: Oh my God. What is this? How is she driving with her kid in her lap? Isn’t this a crime?

I kept silent for a moment then replied to him by saying (with sarcasm, of course): Well, she loves her kid so much. That is why she is cuddling and embracing him, even while she’s driving. She loves him too much to put him in a child safety seat. Much better to keep him close to her.

I knew for sure that I was totally wrong but what to say? Nothing. John was unconvinced by my answer and only shook his head.

An hour later, John noticed a police car stopping a taxi which had been driving along, obeying all traffic laws. John asked: Why was the taxi driver pulled over?

I said: Well, police here can stop any taxi driver with no reason just to inquire about his health and whether he is enjoying the ride and to give him a flower.

John said wow and laughed.

Later in the day, John noticed that many motorcycle drivers were not wearing helmets and asked: Don’t those drivers realize how dangerous it is to drive a motorbike with no helmets?

I replied that the weather here is hot and they want to enjoy the hot breeze and also to be known when flirting with girls on love street.

John then saw so many drivers not wearing seatbelts and wondered whether Kuwait has strict traffic rules about wearing seatbelts.
I replied by saying: Yes, we do have strict rules but many drivers believe the seatbelt wrinkles their uniforms, therefore, they refrain from wearing it.

John replied: What an argument!

Finally John noticed kids hanging halfway out of the vehicle’s sunroof and from windows while their parents look on. I replied by saying: Those irresponsible parents want to teach their kids how to go with the wind (Gone with the wind).

This will wrap John’s one-week-adventurous trip with John’s diaries.

Till the next article insha’Allah.

By Talal Al-Ghannam