Jleeb residents facing eviction, area to be razed

KUWAIT: A recent file photo shows a river of sewage, an abandoned truck and garbage dumped in an open yard in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh.

KUWAIT: Official sources said the situation in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh has received major attention amid an expanded push for a comprehensive redevelopment plan as soon as possible. They said the project’s implementation will not wait for the completion of planned labor cities, and practical steps will be taken to evict residents.

The committee dealing with the situation includes seven government agencies – the Municipality, the interior, electricity and water and public works ministries, and the manpower, environment and food authorities. The Cabinet has asked for quick action and finding a deep-rooted solution to the chaotic situation in Jleeb, considering its proximity to the airport and Shadadiya university.

Sources said among the solutions is a total reclamation of the area and rebuilding it from scratch, either for citizens’ housing or transforming the entire area into a commercial district with malls, entertainment and hotel projects due to its strategic location, adding the Cabinet will discuss both proposals.

The sources said razing the area and rebuilding it will be through the private sector via BOT projects or offering it for investment. Sources said the committee decided that the area’s reclamation is inevitable, considering its residents number more than 300,000, who face the highest rates of crime in the country.

By A Saleh