KUWAIT: The committee entrusted to handle the situation in Jleeb conducted a second inspection tour of the area and reported thousands of violations. Kuwait Municipality Director Ahmed Al-Manfouhi said a campaign was launched yesterday in the area earlier than planned so that the team comprising of elements from various relevant government bodies could probe the difficulties.

“The team closed 120 stores, disconnected electricity to 43 buildings, removed 10,000 tons of construction waste material and garbage, removed 223 commercial shades, arrested 120 street vendors pending deportation and destroyed two tons of foul foodstuff,” he explained.
Speaking to the press after the campaign, Manfouhi said a great difference was noticed in the area, and that the results will be studied and assessed over the coming three months. “We expect to close down 2,700 stores by the end of the campaign,” he noted, adding the team will also disconnect electricity to all houses used as central kitchens, factories or blacksmith workshops. Manfouhi added teams from the ministry of electricity and water will also be present to take legal measures against electric cable thieves.

Manfouhi said after assessing this three-month campaign, another three-month plan will be set to put an end to all forms of violations. “Violators are punishable by various penalties including referral to investigations or to the public prosecutor and disconnecting power,” he elaborated. He said that the official population of the area is 200,000, but it seems many more people reside there, including illegal residents with expired residency visas. Farwaniya Municipality Director Mohammed Sarkhouh stressed that the campaign will not be the last in the area.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi