Nejoud Al Yagout – — Photo by Djinane Alsuwayeh

How can we rationalize the insanity of deciding to alienate an entire people by giving their capital to the occupiers? How can we permit a country to be invaded? When Kuwait was invaded, the whole world stood with us. Where is the world today? Sure, we hear many governments warning about the repercussions of such a decision, even vetoing it for now. But what is the end result? According to Zvi Bar-el, an Israeli Middle East Affairs analyst, nothing will change. He states that “[t]he irony is that despite the anger with Trump, the Arab states and most Muslim states will continue to see the United States as a vital ally to preserve their interests, while the Israeli Palestinian conflict will remain a subject for dinner party talks and go on feeding the usual narratives.” So, basically, the people will remain stuck while allies resume affairs due to mutual interests.
But, how long will this nightmare last? Will it continue to be the side of money that has to be victorious? Will the safety of a country be ensured only by how much money is being pumped to those who not so secretly rule our planet? Can we actually stop the system in place, or are we forced to watch this unfold before our eyes, helplessly, powerlessly as ever?

If this decision goes into effect, what are we supposed to do? How much longer can we watch this circus? We must come together and defend Palestinians and their right to a home; and we do not need a war to save Palestine. We need Gandhis, Luther Kings, Mandelas in power. Only the arms industry thrives by creating war. The arms industry profits when we want to eliminate each other, when we focus on our differences, our heritage, our ideologies.

We can no longer afford to make it easy for them by attaching ourselves to a matrix that is way past its expiry date. More than ever, we all need to make our voices heard, loud and clear, that we will not support this, that we are standing united against tyranny.

This is not about a protest, or a revolution. This is about finding ways to refute this decision. We are so fed up of turning on the news and constantly being bombarded with fear. The solution is so easy. The only way to peace is through peace. If world leaders cannot find a solution to the problems they create in order to fatten their wallets, perhaps we can.

The whole world is watching people in power provoking our brothers and sisters, who they have already slaughtered, whose homes they have bulldozed, whose children they have imprisoned, whose country they have raped all under the pretext of some divine plan. It sounds more like the prodding of the devil.

All land is holy, but we humans make it unholy by monopolizing source. We are not as special as we think. Nothing special about our birthplace, skin color, bloodline or appearance. What makes us special is our ability to share, to love, to expand our consciousness.

This is not an Arab or Muslim cause. This is certainly not an anti-Jew cause either. If it becomes one, then we are only dividing ourselves further. Most people, including Jews, support Palestine though the media disguises this fact. This is a cause for humanity. Our humanity. And this is a test that will show how united we are in standing with the dispossessed, how the power should return to where it belongs: with the people. Because people no longer glorify war as we did in days of yore. And the victims of war are never the ones who instigate it. It is always the people, or the dictators put in place by those who instigate war, that perish.

We are not pawns. We are souls. And we have a right to live without constantly being at war or on the brink of it. Enough! Surely, we have all had enough of this game.

By Nejoud Al-Yagout