Jennifer Lopez regrets taking herself so seriously during her younger years. The 49-year-old star – who released her debut album, ‘On the 6’, in 1999 – has revealed that if she had the chance to advise her younger self, she’d urge her to adopt a more relaxed approach to her career. Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Jennifer shared: “When you’re young, you’re just so, like, you think you know everything. “When my first album came out … I just thought that I had it all figured out.” But the chart-topping star – who has balanced her music career with acting – says she’s become wiser as time has passed by. Jennifer reflected: “You don’t realize until you’re in your 30s that you know nothing. “Then in your 40s, you start kind of figuring it all out. And then when you’re 50, you’re just like, ‘I’m just me and it’s good.’ It’s great.” The singer is set to embark on her It’s My Party tour later this month and she’s teased what fans can expect from the upcoming shows. She said: “I want to create a different atmosphere than normal. “I want it to be interactive, I want to share this moment [with fans]. We’ve been talking a lot about what this tour should be – what it means and how special it is, and how special this time in my life is.”