Sheikha Hanouf Bader Al-Muhamad Al-Sabah

KUWAIT: Under the patronage of Sheikha Hanouf Bader Al-Muhamad Al-Sabah, spouse to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Honorary President of the International Women’s Group – Kuwait, the IWG celebrated the 60th anniversary of Independence and the 30th anniversary of Liberation Day. Laila Boulos, master of ceremonies, eloquently and seamlessly managed the virtual program.

Ambreen Mustafa, spouse of the Ambassador of the Republic of Pakistan and President of IWG, delivered the welcome speech and congratulated the State of Kuwait, citizens and residents on this auspicious occasion. The event commenced with the National anthem orchestrated by Saint John’s Scout, Orthodox Church.

Sheikha Hanouf, as guest of honor, in her taped speech highlighted loyalty and appreciation to the souls of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for Kuwait. Sheikha Hanouf also praised the efforts of the international community for their support during the liberation of the State of Kuwait, adding that Kuwait is forever grateful to the allied forces for their continued support to bring peace and stability to the region. She reiterated that the occasion is also an opportunity to commemorate women martyrs and recognize their invaluable role in the liberation of Kuwait and their sacrifice for the sake of peace and prosperity for future generations.

Sheikha Hanouf offered condolences to the families who have lost a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic and extended well wishes to those in recovery and called on Allah for an end to this universal pandemic. She praised highly the commitment of the IWG board to adhering to the required health measures imposed by the Kuwaiti government and thanked all volunteers and various service men and women in Kuwait who fight on the front lines of this pandemic.

She also thanked the IWG for service to the community and bringing awareness to the special attributes of Kuwait’s society and cultural activities. Sheikha Hanouf concluded her speech by stressing that Kuwait will always be an oasis for humanity and prosperity and will continue to be the land of peace and friendship.

Dr Bassam Al Faili, founder and director general of Orbital Space and Director of Innovation and Enterprises Directorate at KFAS, delivered his address and described the efforts and achievements of his team with the international space program. Omar Kammourieh, one the students on this team, gave details of the project which entailed sending bacteria into space to be used in an experiment on how to reduce the effect of carbon dioxide on our planet. Professor Leila Vali also gave an enlightening presentation on Kuwait’s participation in the space program and praised Omar and Mahlak Abdulla, the two students involved.

The event continued with a Kuwaiti folkloric dance performance by Braisa Al Roumi. The British School of Kuwait’s orchestra La Camarata, the winners of the 2019 Bahrain music championship for the Gulf, performed “Watan Al Nahar”, the patriotic symphony that was created during the Iraqi invasion. The BSK Camarata orchestra gave the auspicious occasion the grandeur it well deserved.

Qamar Al-Momin, a young Kuwaiti woman poet delivered a sonnet on women empowerment. And a gastronomic experience was enjoyed by watching chef Sadeqa Esmaelfrom Dar Hamad restaurant present a step by step method to making a national Kuwaiti dish. The event concluded with special thanks to the distinguished guests, volunteers, board members and the event Al-Wazzan Hectar crisps company and the online participants and board members for making this event a great success.