IWG members attend the virtual event.

KUWAIT: The International Women’s Group- Kuwait was honored to host a Canadian Cultural Day with the participation of the Ambassador of Canada Louis-Pierre Emond and his spouse Mme Satako Araki. Rima Khalidi, spouse of the Ambassador of the State of Palestine and Vice President of IWG acting as master of ceremonies, eloquently and seamlessly managed the virtual program. Ambreen Mustafa, spouse of the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and president of IWG, delivered the welcome address and introduced the Ambassador of Canada.

In his presentation, Ambassador Emond covered various aspects and spoke of Canada as a nation of immigrants with a tremendously welcoming and caring population. An inspiring video ‘Peace by Chocolate’ of a Syrian family’s settlement in Canada was enjoyed by all and was then followed by a video performance from a world-famous Canadian musical called ‘Come from Away’.

Ambassador of Canada Louis-Pierre Emond

To the delight of her fellow IWG members, Araki conducted a cooking presentation and shared her recipe for a special Canadian dessert called ‘Pudding Chomeur’. The meeting also included scenic views of Canada’s breathtaking natural beauty and various cultural sites, a quiz about Canada and a raffle draw for participants with gifts kindly donated by the Canadian Embassy.

The proceedings concluded with special thanks and a commemorative shield to Ambassador Emond and Araki. Volunteers, IWG Board members and online participants were also appreciated for making the event a great success.