KUWAIT: The Appeals Court yesterday overruled a criminal court verdict sentencing a citizen to 15 years in prison with labor for joining Islamic State (IS), and sentenced him to 10 years only. The citizen faced accusations of committing hostile actions against two foreign states by joining the terrorist organization, IS, without prior permission from the Kuwaiti government.

225,000 housing units Kuwait Municipality’s Assistant Director for Urban Planning Ahmad Al-Manfouhi said that the municipality handed over land to build around 224,718 housing units to the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW), including land for 25,000 units at Southern Sabah Al-Ahmed City. Manfouhi added that the deadline to finish building the housing units was to be determined by the PAHW.

Grilling motions MP Abdullah Al-Maayouf stressed that Kuwait was going through the best phase of political reform in its history, which was evident in the legislative achievements it has made so far. “We are also proud of fully observing the Constitution discussing any grilling motion,” he said. Commenting on the conscription bill, Maayouf said that it was up to the defense ministry’s readiness to put it into practice within one year as of publication in the official gazette.

Financial violations MP Nabil Al-Fadhl recently filed a parliamentary inquiry to Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Subaih concerning alleged accusations of financial violations by the director of the Public Authority for the Disabled. MP Fadhl explained that many documents had been circulating over Twitter in this regard.

New students The acting dean of admission and registration at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training Hassan Al-Mutairi said that names of new students accepted in PAAET colleges would be announced soon. Mutairi expected accepting 10,500 students according to each college admission rules and regulations.

By A Saleh