KUWAIT: A citizen was arrested for prostitution and according to sources was charging KD 150 per hour to her clients. She told police that she was 30,000 KD in debt and thus was offering her services over an internet site. Detectives sent in an undercover officer to her place of work and was told to make sure the woman is caught during the transaction process.

Special Forces and traffic police fight The harassment of a girl by a Special Forces officer started a fight between him and six traffic officers. The fight continued all the way to Qadisya police station. The traffic officers accused the Special Forces officer of attacking them after he began to harass a woman on the streets which led to traffic being obstructed. One traffic police claimed that the Special Forces officer broke his finger in the fight. The case was sent to the public prosecution for further investigation.

Egyptian arrested without charge An Egyptian citizen accused two policemen in the Andalus area of detaining him without charge. He filed a complaint against them in the districts police station. He said the officers confiscated his ID and then later put him in a holding cell accusing him of not carrying it.

Barber attacked after moustache mistake A Pakistani barber was injured in the head after a customer attacked him for being dissatisfied with the way his moustache was cut. The barber went to Fintas police station with a medical report and filed a complaint. Police summoned the customer for questioning and further action is being taken.

Transsexual health clubs busted Transsexuals working in health clubs are being investigated after sources cited that unethical behavior is still present within these clubs. Undercover officers booked special sessions in some of the suspected health centers and five workers were arrested as a result of their residence being expired.

Saudi stepdaughter steals jewelry A Saudi national accused her stepdaughter of stealing her gold watch and filed a complaint against her at Fahad Al-Ahmad police station. She said the stepdaughter went in the bedroom while she was outside and took the gold watch from the jewelry compartment inside the cupboard.