KUWAIT: The interior ministry’s relations and security information department said citizens and expatriates should follow the instructions below under the current circumstances:

* Follow the news when there are warnings about flooding.
* Be cautious and do not ignore warnings and instructions.
* Helping others should not constitute a danger to you or those you are helping.
* If there is heavy flooding with the possibility of reaching inside the home, move your belongings to the upper floors, provided you have time, and cut the power.
* Do not attempt to move or touch fallen objects or wires.
* Do not use radios or mobile phones in open areas.
* Inform the civil defense department on 1804000 in case of any danger.
* Do not go to a place where water has gathered, because you may obstruct rescuers and emergency work.
* Do not use wet electric appliances until you are sure they are dry and safe to use.
* If you are driving, stay away from low-lying areas.
* Leave the vehicle if it encounters any problem during flooding.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun