Attorney Fajer Ahmed

As a lawyer, legal columnist and bookstore owner, I have always had a passion for the power of words as a means to transforming knowledge, wisdom or even creativity through writing. Today’s article is dedicated to all the aspiring writers and creative content creators (your local blogger).

Copyrighting your work

Question: As a writer, I want to copyright my work. Where do I go, and what information should I know?

Attorney Fajer: Copyrighting in the State of Kuwait is done at the Public Library, which is located on the Arabian Gulf Road. Copyrighting is done very quickly, and is done internationally for writers for a minimal fee. The copyright is valid for 50 years usually, and the author has the following rights:

1. To have their name or an anonymous name as a writer.
2. The author has the right to ban any changes or edits to their work, or to order the court to do so.
3. To have all mentions of their work cited to the author.
4. To ban any amendments or rewrites of their works.

What can be copyright?

Question: I am a creative person working on a wide range of artists’ pieces, and I would like to know what can I or can’t I copyright?

Attorney Fajer: Yes you can copyright your writings, in fact as a general rule, you can copyright any written works such as books, editorial pieces such as poems, songs, and lectures, also theatrical works and podcasts, any art, photography, maps, illustrations, computer programs i.e. coding, translations and research. You cannot copy general ideas, official documents or daily news and events.

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By Attorney Fajer Ahmed