hasawiThe aim of the strategy of vocational development for integration school directors in Kuwait is to achieve comprehensive quality in achieving vocational development for those directors as well as public education through creating a solid infrastructure of experts with public education in general and for students with special needs in particular.

This has to be done in a way that suits the Kuwaiti society’s goals and through seeking excellence by supporting integration staffs with all needed means and capabilities to motivate leaders to excel, handle international developments in caring for students with special needs and achieve equality and equal opportunities amongst public education learners by making the integration of students with special needs the basic rule of setting public education policies with the aim of ultimately providing education for all.

In addition, several strategic alternatives have been drawn to develop the management of integration school directors’ training and vocational development centers in Kuwait that include training national staff in those centers and qualifying them to run integration schools, linking integration requirements for the local labor market with higher education, exchanging expertise, using effective electronic means of communication amongst universities and training centers and providing job opportunities for majors that benefit integration.

In order to achieve such alternatives, strict measures should be applied to grant masters and PhD degrees at education faculties in order to develop specialized integration staffs. A special comprehensive and updated database of all related applications should be made through coordination between specialized faculties and vocational development centers. Awareness campaigns should be launched to boost public awareness of the significance of vocational development programs throughout public education facilities and training centers and protocols of cooperation should be made with leading foreign schools over applying school directors’ vocational development programs. (To be continued).

— Translated by Kuwait Times

By Dr Zainab Al-Hasawi