KUWAIT: Sulaibiya prosecutor has charged a Syrian inmate at Central Prison for attempted suicide. The inmate attempted to hang himself with a cloth but was rescued and taken to the office. He also injured himself with a blade which he had hidden in his mouth.

Sorcery items
Ahmadi customs officers foiled an attempt by an Iraqi to smuggle sorcery items. The items were hidden in pickles jars. He was sent to concerned authorities for prosecution.

Syrian, Kuwaiti fight
A citizen and a Syrian woman exchanged blows and verbal insults over a car parking lot. The citizen asked the Syrian not to park in front of her house and the dispute turned into a fight. Authorities are investigating.

Fugitive nabbed
A citizen has been arrested after Kuwaiti and British passports were found in his possession along with stolen license plate numbers and an ID card that belongs to a state security officer. The arrest was made when a police patrol checked his ID and found him ‘wanted on financial cases’ for which he is supposed to serve a jail sentence.

Offensive video clip
Criminal detectives have sent a memo to the Public Prosecution against a well-known citizen who has been charged with insulting the prophet. Officials pressed charges after confirming the offensive video clip allegedly made by the woman

Drug suspects arrested
Hawally police caught a man and a woman in a ‘compromising situation’ in their car and found them under the influence of heroin. A police patrol saw the suspects in the car and asked them to come out for a routine check. They were also found to be wanted for various financial crimes. Police found an envelope stuffed with heroin in the girl’s purse.

Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa