Info Minister Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi

KUWAIT: Minister of Information, Culture and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi yesterday affirmed that the ministry has made significant headway on the path of upgrading the Kuwaiti media. The ministry has achieved this objective by encouraging creative staff, applying digital media in various sectors and governance, said the minister in a statement addressed at the virtual forum, “Kuwait Media Day,” organized by the Kuwaiti Society for Media and Communications.

Minister Mutairi started his statement by affirming support for the Palestinian people who have been facing flagrant attacks on their rights and freedoms. He condemned criminal acts carried out by the Zionist forces against the Palestinians, their lands and sanctities. The State of Kuwait, he has affirmed, has put all possible efforts at disposal of backing the Palestinian cause. Alluding to some objectives of the ministry strategy, the minister has affirmed that it will focus on the media as a “soft power,” and boosting the official media rhetoric.

The strategy essentially aims to achieve integration for the years 2021-2026 for the sake of “a sustainable and pioneering media in the making of the purposeful content.” Minister Mutairi has affirmed the efforts for boosting “the development and creative” role of the Kuwaiti media in the shadow of global developments where the social and virtual media have become widely influential. He expressed satisfaction at the current status of the national media noting its role in the execution of Kuwait development vision 2035. – KUNA