Sheikh-Salman-Sabah-Salem-Al-Humoud-Al-SabahKUWAIT: Information Minister, State Minister for Youth Affairs and the Supreme Tourism Committee Chairman Sheikh Salman Sabah Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah has called for establishing a tourism authority for managing the sector’s diverse activities including cultural and entertainment programs.

Minister Sheikh Salman affirmed, during a meeting of the commission, keenness on overhauling the sector with aim of making it one of the national income sources, as part of the state revenues’ diversifying policy, according to a ministry statement released yesterday.

This sector is envisioned as one of the Kuwaiti economy foundations, considering its high proceeds and political, economic and social benefits, Minister Sheikh Salman said, noting the private sector should be included in such a process; backed by the government with the necessary legislations.

The supreme commission, which groups talented citizens, is capable of activating such a strategy for the Kuwaiti tourism, he said, noting the need for in-depth studies, upgrading the infrastructure, diversifying the programs and allocating more lands for new projects. He also called for training national cadres, particularly the young nationals, in the process to develop the field.

Expansion of Kuwait International Airport to reach an accommodation capacity of 25 million passengers per year, warrants expansion of the services and tourism projects, “which in turn should lure many young Kuwaitis thus creating new work opportunities for them,” the minister said. The meeting was held after the tourism portfolio was shifted from the Ministry of Commerce to the Information Ministry. —KUNA