KUWAIT: The inflation rate rose by 0.44 percent during June 2015 and rose by 3.54 percent in June 2015 compared with June 2014, a report sent to the cabinet on changes of prices of 11 main products for citizens and expats said. According to the report, prices of ‘fresh, frozen and dried vegetables’ rose by 3.11 percent during June 2015, while fish and sea food prices showed a rise of 1.99 percent. Meanwhile, ‘food and drinks’ rose by 0.74 percent, while poultry and meat rose by 0.34 percent.

Co-op prices
Meanwhile, Head of Cooperation Union Dr Saad al-Shabu said the union resigned from the prices supervision and follow up committee and added that the union is innocent from all the increase on the prices of nearly 342 food products supplied by 10 companies, in what he described as a scandal, of which the union was accused though it is completely innocent as proven by the lack of meeting minutes on the increases. “The current board of the union is unanimous in rejecting those increases and will continue its mission to protect consumers and not increase any product without certain rules and standards and transparency,” Dr Shabu told the Kuwaiti people.

Dr Shabu warned against the continued increase which he said will hit everything, its ‘infection’ spreading between companies, if the committee does not stop this trend. He said the elected union did not sign on any price increase from May 20 until now, adding that he met Dr Matar Al-Mutairi who said that there is a misunderstanding in regards to the latest price increases that will be corrected, and asked Dr Shabu to withdraw the union’s resignation from the prices committee. — Al-Anbaa