KUWAIT: An Indian man, 25, committed suicide in his parents’ home in Salmiya, according to preliminary investigations. The deceased’s sister called operations and the body was recovered by the coroner. An investigation was opened to reveal the circumstances behind the incident.

Body found Jahra prosecutor ordered the body of a Bangladeshi man to be sent to the coroner to determine the cause of death. A call was made about a body near a cooperative in Jahra. The body was smeared with mud as the victim worked in a citizen’s farm. The body was found in a 5.5 meters deep hole, and there were marks indicating foul play.

Multiple thefts Farwaniya police arrested a citizen who stole a car from a Firdous co-op branch. The arrest was made in Ardiya. A citizen had earlier told police that his car, which he left it running, was stolen. After police spotted the car, the driver collided with the police patrol and ran on foot before being caught. Meanwhile, an Egyptian man told Khaitan police that the grocery store where he works was broken into and KD 180 and a recharge machine were stolen. The thief pushed out the store’s air-conditioning unit and entered from the opening. Separately, an Egyptian man told Bayan police his car was broken into and KD 1,750 inside was stolen. The Egyptian said he left his car in Mishref co-op parking and spent 30 minutes inside the co-op. He then found the car window smashed and the money stolen. Meanwhile, a beauty salon owner told Maidan Hawally police his salon was broken into and KD 271 was stolen. Another salon owner in the same area told police her shop was broken into and KD 65 was taken.

Officer penalized The Interior Ministry’s Legal Affairs Department Punished a colonel by deducting 10 days’ salary because he violated the law and sided with one party in a family dispute against another, and received official documents including passports of the children of an Egyptian woman despite the family dispute and the woman having custody. The Egyptian woman accused the colonel of receiving the passports of her children during the processing of transactions at the immigration department, and refusing to give them back to her. He handed them to her husband who took the passports and fled. The deduction is a step to delay his promotion to a higher rank.

Drug abuse Farwaniya police sent a citizen to the Drug Control General Department (DCGD) for using drugs and liquor. Police received a call from a man who told them his son abuses drugs and wants their help. When police arrived, he told them he was in the parking lot of Omariya police station. Police were surprised that the caller was highly intoxicated, so they asked him to get into the patrol car, but told them he was sick and had medicine in his car. Police found a liquor bottle and drug paraphernalia in the car. —Al-Anbaa and Al-Rai