Kuwait: Salmiya police foiled the attempt of a haris (building janitor) who tried to flee the country after he was accused of molesting an American child. Colonel Majid Al-Adwani ordered airport officers to keep the suspect from escaping, and they stopped him minutes before leaving. A security source said the child’s father told Salmiya police the eight year old was molested by the Indian haris while playing outside their apartment.

No doctors hurt at Al-Amiri
An informed security source denied reports of doctors being attacked by individuals at Amiri hospital, and causing damage. The source said the incident is only about a domestic dispute and a verbal exchange.

Felon arrested
A citizen wanted on 14 felony cases, most notably kidnapping and restricting freedom of others, was arrested by police men in Salmi after fierce resistance in his attempt to escape, and he was jailed.

Driver beats daughter
A citizen accused a driver of insulting and beating her daughter after chasing them in Abdallah Al-Mubarak area, and lodged a complaint against him. The lady told police that a person was driving a sports-utility-vehicle (SUV) harassed and chased her and her daughter, then forced them to stop, then knocked at the glass. The daughter went out of the car to find out what was going on, the man beat her while insulting her verbally in front of other motorists, then drove off. Investigations are underway.