The Real Fouz
The Real Fouz

Every girl is on the hunt for the next best foundation or the latest eye shadow palette, with so many options we end up getting almost all of them because it’s impossible to make a choice. However, there’s always this specific product that girls seem to just neglect, which is primer. You’re more likely to ignore this product on the counter because you think you don’t really need it, truth is, primers are what help you achieve a flawless finish, and what’s even more important is that it saves your skin. It’s the layer that will make blending your makeup easier, whether it was a face primer or eye primer, it evens out the surface of skin and protects your skin.

I wasn’t such a fan of primers, I’d usually go straight in with a foundation and concealer, but I once got a primer as a tester and ever since I used it, I was hooked! I’ve noticed a huge difference with my makeup and I can never go without it now. The first thing I noticed that a primer does, is that it seals your pores. I don’t have large pores but if we all used liquid foundation it always makes them appear larger. Sealing your pores and creating a surface on top is the trick to having smaller looking pores if you already have larger ones and allows you to use any liquid foundation freely!

Another benefit is that velvet touch and appearance your primer gives you and that a benefit itself, once you use it you just can’t go without it, blending your makeup perfectly is the best compliment you can get on your makeup. Most primers are non-comedogenic, which means they wont break your face nor irritate your skin. They also wont clog your pores which is how acne initially start. Even if you do have acne, primers with help lessen their appearance. Some primers also have anti-aging properties as they smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, so it’ll give you a more fresh and youthful glow with your makeup.

Feel flawless
Primers are mainly used to make your makeup last longer, and it’s also the layer that’ll protect your skin from the environment around you such as dust and water. Primers are applied on the face either by your hands, which I prefer as it’s almost like a lotion, or by a beauty blender/brush. It wont leave your with a gluey feeling nor would you feel like you have a mask on.

At the end of the day, make up application shouldn’t only be all about the final result, but instead it should also focus on your skin and how to protect it, because no matter how much make up you put on, you can’t mask unhealthy and tired skin. This is where primers come into place, having such a product can cater to both worlds, the beauty world and the health world, as it protects your skin as well as helps you achieve better looking makeup.

We should always look for an alternative that will help our skin to look and feel flawless because this is what will keep our skin feeling and looking healthy. Applying makeup on a daily basis does take a toll on our skin in the long run so neglecting our skin will result in break outs and even acne. Nowadays even young girls are interested in the beauty industry so we must educate ourselves on the products we use to assure ourselves that we are going a step forward for our skin to stay youthful.