KUWAIT: Farwaniya police arrested a Yemeni man for entering the country illegally when he hid on top of a truck that entered through Nuwaiseeb border crossing. The arrest was made when police asked to see his ID and he attempted to escape. Once caught, he told police how he entered the country. In another story, a Pakistani man was arrested to serve a one-year jail sentence. He is also wanted on four civil cases.

‘Suspicious’ graffiti A graphologist from the criminal evidence department was sent to Fintas co-op branch to check a graffiti that reads ‘Hezbollah brigades passed by this place.’ State security sent specialists to follow the case and the graffiti was ordered removed.

Attacked A man sustained a fractured skull when he was hit by a pipe on his head during a fight at a project site in Adan. Detectives are searching for an Indian man who was identified as the culprit.