Every year we look forward with excitement and anticipation the wonderful and blessed month of Ramadan. An important time in the Islamic calendar for fasting and prayer, Ramadan is also a month of family, gatherings and food.

All those who have grown up or spent many years in Kuwait will recognize immediately the mainstays of Ramadan – from the Ramadan canon in Naif Palace that rings out maghreb every day to sparkling glasses of chilled Vimto, from iftar tables overflowing with food to the deserted streets just before iftar time.

We all know and love these cherished ‘icons of Ramadan’ and so this year Kuwait Times celebrates our beloved Ramadan in Kuwait with 30 days of the Icons of Ramadan. We will highlight our favorite activities, events, symbols, foods that are popular during the days of Ramadan.

Read each day in these pages a bit of Kuwait’s Ramadan culture, history and tradition and then tell us what are your favorite things about Ramadan in Kuwait.

By Jamie Etheridge

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