The government of Kuwait does not have proven evidence on the involvement of Emad Mughniya in the hijacking of Al-Jabriya aircraft or any terrorist act against it so far. The government had previously announced that, but as soon as MP Abdulhameed Dashti announced his condolences to the Mughniya family, the involvement of Mughniya in the “Jabriya” incident became a concrete fact to many people.

This is not in defense of Mughniya, because he was a terrorist, in my view, and will remain so, and it is not in defense of Dashti, because supporting and glorifying terrorism may have been acceptable years ago, or even decades, but now as the terrorism shadow has grown longer, and everything and every soul became a target for terrorism, condemnation of terrorism became the duty of every person on this land, regardless of his origin, and whoever has difficulty to accept this duty should honor himself and others by keeping silent, or stop expressing support or appreciation of terrorism and terrorists, and this is what Dashti did not do.

It is not wise or part of sagacity to support terrorism or encourage killing regardless of the reason or aim, as the world is suffering from terrorism today and there is unanimous condemnation by all countries and people as well fighting it, and whoever announces support of a terrorist who killed a Jew, announces, whether he likes it or not, his support to the terrorist who killed or will kill a Muslim. Terrorism is terrorism and all its forms and sources must be condemned.

Dashti expressed condolences to the family of Mughniya “as a Muslim and Arab martyr killed by the Israelis”, so patriotism advocates and defenders of Kuwait dignity became angry with him, although all of them, without exception, considered his condolences as an insult to Sunnis and a Shiite provocation, and this is a purely sectarian stand and has nothing to do with patriotism or nationalism as claimed. The behavior of Dashti is supposed to be an insult of all Kuwaitis, Shiites ahead of Sunnis, also because the hijacking of Al-Jabriya aircraft is supposed to be an aggression against Kuwait and not against the Sunni sect.

The strange thing here is that many of those who objected to the stand of Dashti, particularly wellknown personalities, did previously announce loyalty, support and congratulations to Hassan Nasrallah, the leader and guide of Mughniya! How can pledging loyalty to Hezbollah is permitted and a duty, while expressing condolences to the father of one of its members a crime and national treason?! We have those who hunt for mistakes, and we have those who create conspiracies. Those who are attacking Dashti instead of advising him are generalizing his behavior instead of limiting it to his personality.

— Translated by Kuwait Times

By Abdellatif Al-Duaij