Hundreds of ‘bachelors’ evicted in ongoing municipality campaign

KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality workers discovered 119 violating houses whose owners responded by evicting the bachelors after receiving warnings. Meanwhile, 120 dwellings rented illegally by single expatriate men were evacuated after power was cut, the municipality’s public relations department said. “Field tours will continue as scheduled to evict ‘bachelors’ from private residential areas as part of a campaign that started on July 1,” the department said in a statement, noting that the municipality is keen on dealing with complaints by citizens and expats about bachelors residing in residential areas.

In other news, Director of Public Relations at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Qaisar Al-Khanfor said his department held an orientation for the hajj season for the fourth time at Kuwait International Airport and T4. He said the public relations department was keen on applying the values of societal partnership as mentioned in the awqaf strategy through partnering with the interior and health ministries and Kuwait airports in order to provide the best services to Kuwait pilgrims.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi