Muna Al Fuzai
Muna Al Fuzai

The world is too busy confronting terrorism these days, whether internal or external, so the issue of preserving human rights is no longer a top priority. In fact, it has become a source of contradiction among governments in the East and West. Reality confirms that people follow news of coups, but it does not take a lot of time for the world to forget the event and leave it to the authorities to punish those who were involved or eliminate opponents, whether guilty or not.

Last week, the world became occupied with the coup attempt in Turkey, especially after having raised many concerns over human rights. Many countries have called on the Turkish authorities to preserve the rights of the arrested people, whether investigations prove that they were part of the attempt or not, as they are entitled to their human rights. Turkey’s deputy prime minister said on Thursday that Ankara will suspend the European Convention on Human Rights temporarily as France did, after declaring a state of emergency in the country.

The chaos in any system in the world after a coup makes it difficult to identify the masterminds, and because of this, many innocent people fall victim to injustice. The repeated political and military coup attempts in the Arab and Islamic world have made talk about killing people seem normal, which shouldn’t be so.

Syria, a close neighbor of Turkey, has been conducting daily massacres for years. The UN envoy in Syria warned about the deterioration of the situation there, particularly about 300,000 civilians who are in need of assistance. This number seems very small to those who have been murdering or torturing people over the past years, and warnings mean nothing to them.

For example, a few days ago, some human rights activists broadcasted a video of one of the Syrian opposition militias slaughtering a teenager, which led to a large wave of condemnation. Heads of these militias said that they will prosecute the perpetrators of the crime and condemned such acts as against the principles of the Syrian revolution, human rights and heavenly laws. Moreover, they will punish the offenders, but how? By killing them too? The result is the same – more death and violation of human dignity.

Friday in Munich, a German man of Iranian descent killed nine innocent people in a shooting at a shopping center at the Olympia mall in the city and injured 16 others, including three who are in serious condition and two children. The shooter later killed himself, but people were killed for no reason, including kids.

All these crimes of terrorism, regardless of their intent, provoke fear within people and the recurrence of such incidents on a daily basis has turned it to normal news. This can get dangerous in the long run, because the number of dead people, whether innocents or criminals, will keep increasing, especially during wars.

Solutions are not impossible because controlling refugees from war zones in the Arab world is possible if they are free from psychological and mental illnesses regardless of age, sex and gender. Terrorism needs a new perspective and vision. It is becoming a cycle of sudden and random killings by people who may not be criminals but suffer from mental illness. They are like walking time-bombs ready violate others’ rights at any moment.