illegal-weaponsKUWAIT: State security arrested four citizens found to be in possession of a huge cache of firearms, weaponry and other ammunition. The men were allegedly trading in unlicensed weapons. Detectives found in their possession: Ammunition including 19 shotguns, nine AK-47, five MP5, two rifles, 17 pistols, two grenades and 29 boxes of shotgun cartridges in addition to 95 different types of magazines. Detectives with a warrant raided the house of the first suspect. He told police that the weapons were hidden inside a car in Ardhiya. He also confessed the names of others involved. A farm in Kabd was raided as the second suspect was arrested yesterday and he in turn told police about another cache of weapons.

A third suspect was arrested in Sabahiya while attempting to escape. The fourth suspect was arrested in Adan area where a third, larger cache of weapons and ammunition was found in a Kirby store. The suspects were sent to concerned authorities. Detectives are working on arresting all those related to the case. The government has lately cracked down on weapons caches, illicit trading in weapons and other security-related matters following the discovery of three unrelated terrorist cells in Kuwait and the suicide bombing of the Imam Al Sadiq mosque in Kuwait City on June 26.

By Meshal Al-Salama