Peter Wu

In an interview with Kuwait Times Huawei’s General Manager Peter Wu discussed about the various new features and the unparalleled AI capabilities of the new series.

Kuwait Times: As the General Manager of Huawei Consumer Business Group, you are responsible of guiding the group’s brand strategy in Kuwait. How do you look at your experience in enhancing distributor partnerships and driving service localization ever since the establishment of the Experience Center in 2016?

Peter Wu: We put efforts in enhancing business with independent retailers offering them business solutions to improve the user experience. Recently in late July, we held the channels partners summit in China and invited key retailers from Kuwait to attend the summit in Shenzhen. At Huawei we also tailor programs to work hand in hand with retail partners in Kuwait closely and more effectively. Increasing manpower in retail shops in local countries has also been one of the brand priorities, this not only contributes to creating more job opportunities within the retail industry, but also helps grow and achieve success together with local strategic channel partners.

KT: Can you elaborate a little bit on the customer-centric policy of the group in building long-term relationships with the customers?
PW: Huawei CBG Kuwait plans to add more dedicated service centers to ensure its world class customer service and innovation in the region, and upgrade its experience shops with innovative and ultimate concepts

KT: What are the strategic initiatives of the group in ensuring greater value and quality as you introduce the latest technological advances via Huawei products in the country?
PW: We are very proud to say one of our strongest partnership is with Porsche. A partnership that reflects both brands’ philosophy that superior design is just as important as performance and we are very proud to have achieved both. We know Kuwait is one of the markets that appreciates innovation and craftsmanship and just as Huawei is known for its innovative and intelligent devices, Porsche is also renowned for its high horsepower and design standards, making this the perfect partnership to develop a unique, luxurious and brilliant model.

Another interesting topic we will be talking about next year in the industry is 5G. as the next decade will witness 4G evolution to 5G, 5G technologies will usher in a fully-connected, intelligent world, in which there will be a faster and more extensive industrial revolution as we strive to build a better-connected world to our users.

As also mentioned in today’s roundtable, Huawei had partnered with Saad Club, Kuwait & Kuwaiti Celebrity Photographer Abdullah Al-Shayji to launch smartphone photography workshops that focuses on empowering young Kuwaiti photography enthusiasts with the latest skills to allow them to take perfect pictures from their mobile phones and also to explore the breakthrough camera technology used by Huawei across its devices.

We remain focused on providing our consumers access to best-in-class technology, innovative devices and exceptional quality products, to develop more meaningful ways to stay connected. We will continue to focus on expanding our investment in R&D, innovation and building brand awareness in markets around the world.

By Islam Al-Sharaa