DUBAI: In the onset of global terrorism and various issues on public security and safety, Huawei hosted its Second Global Safe City Summit 2017 themed ‘Leading New ICT, The Road to Collaborative Public Safety’ in Dubai. The event kicked-of yesterday and continued till today. Huawei admitted to have been servicing more than 350 government customers, industry experts, and partners wherein some of them are also participating in the summit to share their experience and opinions, and promote digital transformation of the public safety industry.

In a round-table discussion yesterday Huawei introduced the C-C4ISR Collaborative Public Safety Solutions, which they said would drive digital transformation of the global public safety industry.  A former law enforcer in Singapore over the last 30 years, Hong Eng Koh, Huawei Global Chief Public Safety Expert, Enterprise Business Group presented the projects being maintained in Singapore to ensure safety and security of all its citizens as well as visitors.

“Until now I continue to fight crimes, this time, through the help of Huawei technology. Public safety is the main and key concern of Huawei so I was really moved by the fact that I belong now to a company that can really provide solution. Now, I am helping the public to ensure safety and security through Huawei technology. It means this company is admirable doing great favor around the world in order to save lives and properties. Let us accept, the world is changing rapidly, with increasing global urbanization, cities are expanding and becoming less safe, we need a technology that can provide solution,” he said.

‘Collaborative projects’
Alaa Elshimy, confirmed some of the projects being implemented in Kuwait in collaboration with the Kuwaiti authorities to ensure safety and security are observed. “We cannot divulged our collaborative projects with the Kuwaiti government, it’s not in our hand to discuss in public, we have confidentiality issue, but yes, we have several collaborative projects being implanted in Kuwait, some are still being shaped,” said Elshimy.  He also mentioned security and safety projects being implemented in other countries in the world and in particular Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar. “We are involved in 80 countries and 200 cities all over the world. Our projects are all in collaboration with the local government involved. We respect and follow their local laws with regards to installing our technology solutions,” he said.

World-leading public safety partners such as YITU, SenseTime,  Zenith,  iOmniscient, and GSAFETY, Huawei also released the first all-cloud and matrix intelligence Video Cloud Solution and Crisis and Disaster Management Solution. The solutions are designed to address diverse safety threats and protect citizens in cities across the world. Asked on the accuracy and
Commenting on public safety, Fan Siyong, President of Public Sector of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, said: “As cities embrace digital transformation, new safety threats are emerging that need to be addressed by the public safety industry. We need to keep pace with social and technological developments and shift from a traditional city safety construction model to one of collaborative public safety. By building cross-region and cross-agency collaborative public safety systems that connect governments and citizens, we can help cities better prevent, detect, handle, and recover from various threats. The ‘collaborative’ method of C-C4ISR will be fundamental to digital transformation of the public safety industry. Using new ICT such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, mobile broadband, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN), as well as cloud-pipe-device synergy, the solution will drive efficient collaboration among governmental agencies as well as between governmental agencies and citizens.”

By Ben Garcia