KUWAIT: Gene Jiao, President of Huawei CBG, Middle East and Africa met with local media during the opening ceremony of the first Huawei Experience Store in Kuwait at the Avenues Mall located in Phase 4, Electra on Saturday and gave the following comments:

KUWAIT: Gene Jiao speaks during the opening ceremony of the first Huawei Experience Store in Kuwait at the Avenues. —Photos by Joseph Shagra

Kuwait Times: What is the difference between this new shop and the previous ones?
Jiao: This is the first Huawei experience store in Kuwait. The other previous stores have different concept that is dedicated for that retailer. This store is for the new retailer, with information sharing platform. It’s not just a shop selling products, but it’s a real communication performer.

KT: What services does this store provide for the customers?
Jiao: We deliver many lectures and seminars here, as Huawei is a technology company and we have so many technologies. These include providing information on 5G, artificial intelligence, or other topics, which the customer is not familiar with. They call the shop and we provide them dedicated course or lectures provided by experts here.

KT: What about the market share of Huawei in Kuwait?
Jiao: Since 2015 Huawei is the second fully licensed company in Kuwait. Huawei keeps serving the clients in Kuwait with latest technology, and we provide smart devices. We need to explain for the clients what exactly is the internet over technologies and what the artificial intelligence means for the consumer. To know it, please visit this store. Technology is a tool, and we wish that all society of Kuwait uses this tool to make the life more creative.

KT: Where do you rank the Kuwaiti market among others?
Jiao: The Porsche design Huawei red color Mate 20 RS is the most expensive phone, and outside of China it’s only available in the GCC region, as this region is very important for us. And of course, Kuwait is very important part of it. In other countries they only have black version. So, we are keen to deliver our most advanced items to Kuwait and the GCC. We appeared as the second in market share of the Kuwaiti market according to some surveys were conducted.

By Nawara Fattahova