realHow many times do we get ours nails done a month? I usually get a mani and pedi every 2 weeks almost. Sometimes I go back to the salon looking like I’ve never had a manicure in my life, it can be embarrassing! I realized that it all depends on how my skin is, if I’m not drinking enough water I tend to have a lot of dead skin that we usually mistake as cuticles.

One of my main concerns when getting my nails done is my cuticles. You never know if you should totally remove them or let them as they are and eventually they’ll look decent. I’ve read so many things about whether or not I should remove or keep my cuticles. Honestly, removing them looks way better and cleaner, but you’re also risking getting an infection.

Cuticles don’t want to be cut, they’re supposed to be soft, and by cutting them they’ll more likely become dry and rough, which then makes us remove them over and over again, and it just becomes an addiction to get what we think is the “clean” look.

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure you have healthy, soft cuticles:

1. First, stop cutting them. They might seem off for a while but then they grow out and settle in to the shape of your nails.

2. Make sure you wash your hands regularly, when you cut your cuticles you are more likely to get a bacterial infection due to any open wound, and it will also slow down nail growth.

3. Moisturize the skin around your nails. I always used the Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil. I can swear by this oil, it helped my cuticles to become smooth and soft, as well as helped my nails grow faster.

4. Avoid manicurists that are rough with their work, with that I meant don’t go for the lady who’s willing to rip off the skin around your nails and call it a day. You should always explain to your manicurist that you want your cuticles pushed back and not removed, because usually aggressive cleaning will cause redness, wounds and eventually may cause having an infection.

5. Avoid having dry skin by not using much nail polish removers or harsh soaps. These products will dry out your skin and result in rough cuticles.

6. Never put your hand in your mouth, if you’re a person that bites their nails or the skin around you, you should definitely read up about ways how to quit this habit. Your mouth contains saliva and your saliva contains bacteria, which will eventually cause an infection too.

7. Massaging warm olive oil on your nails every night will help you moisturize your skin as well as provide your skin and nails with Vitamin E.

8. Give your nails a breather! If you’re the type of girl that loves nail polish make sure you give your nails a few days off a week to breathe in the oxygen, the nail polish tends to cut off the oxygen to your nails and with time it causes your nails to turn a bit yellow and weak. Not cute.

Your nails say a lot about you, it’s feminine to have clean and pretty nails. It’s a part of your beauty regimen to have healthy nails first and foremost before worrying about growing them. The most appropriate and classy growth of nails is a bit longer than your skin. Sometimes having really long nails can be uncomfortable and hard to keep clean, that is why having shorter nails look and feels good. Try not neglecting taking care of your nails because with time your nails tend to become weak and fragile, which can also result in nails being so unhealthy they won’t grow in length. At this point girls always go for nails extension which will further more harm your nails by blocking off oxygen then eventually cause discoloration and breakage.