Homeowner arrested for hosting wedding

KUWAIT: The interior ministry’s relations and security information department said public security officers carried out investigations with regards to a video on social media that showed a wedding in a house and a motorcyclist riding recklessly. The house owner was identified and was detained for violating Cabinet decision 64/2020 banning parties including weddings regardless of where they are held. The motorcyclist was arrested and his bike impounded, as he faces legal action.

Helper dead
Detectives are working on the case of a Filipina woman who died at her sponsor’s house, reported Al-Rai. A security source said a Kuwaiti told operations that he found his domestic helper on the floor of her room. Police and paramedics responded and found she was dead. Forensic officers recovered the body as they suspect the death is not due to natural causes.

Weapon lost
A lieutenant lost his weapon after he left it in the car and went to pray, Al-Rai reported yesterday. He said when he returned, he discovered that the weapon had disappeared although there were no signs of forced entry on the vehicle. The lieutenant did not accuse anyone and does not know how the thief got into the car. Detectives are working on the case.

Run over
Detectives are investigating after a woman was deliberately run over in Sulaibiya, was beaten and her phone was stolen. The woman was taken by paramedics to hospital and admitted to the ICU, Al-Rai reported quoting a security source.

Ammunition found
A Syrian woman in her 40s told police that while cleaning her flat, she was surprised by the presence of ammunition in a cupboard. Al-Rai daily reported quoting a security source who said the case was referred to state security and the explosives department. The ammunition consisted of an RPG round and bullets. The woman said she found them in her maternal uncle’s cupboard, who died three years ago. The woman’s son is being questioned by state security for further information.