Traffic offenders leave cop injured after beating

KUWAIT: A picture released by Kuwait Fire Service Directorate shows the room from which the child climbed out before being rescued.

KUWAIT: Firemen rescued a child who was left unattended at an apartment in Mangaf, and became stuck after climbing out of his room’s window. Fahaheel firemen rushed to the scene after receiving a report about a child who was stuck outside the window of a third-floor apartment. Firemen broke open the front door and the room door, then rescued the child who was in good health. The parents are being summoned by police to be questioned on child negligence charges.

Policeman injured
Two Kuwaiti men in violation of the traffic law attacked a patrolman while being arrested. One of them is wanted on a civil case and the other had suspicious material. The policeman sustained head injuries and was taken to hospital, while the two suspects were placed under arrest.

Swimmer drowned
A Kuwaiti drowned while swimming in a pool in a Kabd farm, Al-Rai reported yesterday. Police and paramedics responded to a call and the body was recovered by the coroner. Meanwhile, an investigation was opened to determine the circumstances behind the incident.

Gas leak death
A Turkish man died in a gas cylinder leak, while his two roommates suffered from suffocation and were admitted to Adan Hospital, one in critical condition. Paramedics responded to a call and rushed the affected to hospital, but one lost his life, another was admitted to the ICU, and the third was in stable condition. A security source said that the three were cooking when a gas leak took place and filled the place.

Drug possession
Kuwait customs officers stopped three passengers who attempted to smuggle in psychoactive drugs, hashish and marijuana, in three separate cases. In the first case, an inspector found 1,480 illicit tablets with a woman, who was arrested and sent to concerned authorities. Meanwhile, an inspector suspected another woman and found hashish and sweets laced with drugs, and a third passenger had marijuana on him.

Bribery charges
Head of implementation at Jahra court sent a Kuwaiti and a doorkeeper to the police station, charged with bribery, Al-Rai reported yesterday. A source said the citizen had a transaction he wanted to process, and went to a person he thought will help him. The source said after the agreement, he paid the doorkeeper hoping the transaction will be completed, but officials found out the papers had been handed illegally and informed their senior, so action was taken against the culprits.

Bus fire
An American military bus with 11 persons on board caught fire, which was put out without injuries. The incident took place on Sixth Ring Road, reported Al-Rai.

Threatening to harm
A policeman accused a woman in her 20s of threatening to harm him and insulting him while on duty, then driving off, Al-Anbaa daily reported yesterday. A police source said the policeman said while he was on patrol in the chalets area, he pulled over a woman for violating the traffic law. When he asked for her papers, she said, “Don’t you know who I am? I will discharge you from service,” then drove off. Separately, a Kuwaiti was placed on the wanted list after refusing to go to an Ahmadi police station for questioning over threatening to murder. A citizen in his 70s accused his son of threatening to kill him because he refused to give him money. The father said his son earns well and does not need more money.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies