Discoveries include an ancient burial site consisting of several layers of rock

KUWAIT: Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri is seen during a tour at the newly discovered historical site. —KUNA photos

KUWAIT: It is imperative to preserve Kuwait’s archeological sites given the significance the places hold, Kuwait’s Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri said yesterday, just days after rare antiquities were found in a popular eastern resort.
The archaeological sites carry an important message for future generations, Jabri, who also serves as minister of state for youth affairs and the president of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL), said as he surveyed an ancient cemetery recently discovered near the shores of the Arabian Gulf. He added that the archeological finds prove how instrumental the region has been in the growth of human civilization, pointing out that the area had once been a vibrant trade zone that linked regions across eastern Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Dr Fahad Al-Wehaibi, professor of history and archaeology at Kuwait University, revealed that among the new discoveries is an ancient burial site consisting of several layers of rock. He was amazed at how the excavation had withstood decay, surmising that the immense size of the rocks indicate the grave must have belonged to a notable personality. The location is reminiscent of a bronze age culture known as ‘Um Al-Nar’, which existed around 2,500 BC in the area of modern-day United Arab Emirates and northern Oman, Whaibi noted. The NCCAL has carried out extensive archaeological surveys on unexplored landscapes, which led to the discovery of tens of ‘unprecedented’ graves and engraved items last week. – KUNA