Muna Al-Fuzai

Kuwait is a very hot country, especially in the relatively long summer months. While we are hiding and protecting ourselves from the heat in air-conditioned places, whether in offices, homes or cars, some people start to exhibit a reckless or aggressive behavior the more temperatures rise. Should we blame the weather for this behavior caused by extreme heat?
There is a long-standing psychological belief that there is a close correlation between the temperature and human behavior, with the mood condition in spring for example is relaxed, as spring weather inspires human emotions and tranquility. Summer time, on the other hand, seems to do the opposite. It is associated with acute psychological reactions.

Studies conducted between 1987 and 2002 showed that heat affects the state of mind and thus thoughts and behaviors leading to mood disorder, discomfort, difficulty of endurance, patience and lack of focus. I think such conclusion explains the reason for some human behavior here.

I think that it is true and natural that excessive heat would lead to inactivity and fatigue, and that there is a close relationship between crimes and the seasons of the year, when quarrels in the summer take place between neighbors and in public places
For example, the most common cases that happen during the summer include traffic accidents, which are usually caused by driving under legal age, driving without a license, etc, in addition to beatings, thefts, as well as electronic crimes which are committed online by those who probably have a lot of spare time and long holidays.

I believe that families are responsible of spreading awareness among their kids, instead of leaving them to occupy their free time with video games and other forms of electronic entertainment, which could come with negative consequences. Also, parents must not allow their children to drive vehicles without reaching the legal age, in order to protect their lives and the lives of others.

Perhaps the most prominent scene we see nowadays are quarrels that occur on streets because of minor traffic accidents, or a dispute over a parking spot, which may ignite a big fight and traffic jam. And while we are talking about the summer’s heat, we should not forget about cleaners who roam the streets from early morning, and I hope that everyone would try to give them a small meal and water to help them cope with their difficult work in a very hot environment.

I know that we cannot control the weather, but you have to overcome negative behavior of others. I hope that people would try to enjoy exercise, swimming, listening to quiet music and avoiding exposure to the sun during peak hours. It is good that there are many travelers abroad these days, as road congestion gets eased. The real days of summer time just started.

By Muna Al-Fuzai