Haya Al-Houti: The Kuwaiti talented fashion designer

Haya Al-Houti is a Kuwaiti fashion designer that was able with her distinguished talent, to reach world status in a record time. It is a journey of success that caused a quality move in the fashion world that impressed elegance experts with her unique creativity, so it was hard to distinguish between her designs and International fashion collections.

Al-Houti inherited the love of color mixing and drawing from her artist father, her talent came to the fore in the field of fashion design and ascended to the throne of beauty and elegance and achieved wide success. Her world fame started to grow as she was keen to participate in many fashion shows.

She became famous for her artistic touches and design creativity, especially in wedding and evening dresses, and was distinguished by her ability to impart the special elegance of her work through her designs for accessories, handbags and shoes, to make all lovers of her art and creativity, a high degree of elegance and excellence.

Haya Al-Houti became famous with her designs for singers, princesses and the Kuwaiti celebrities and the Arabian Gulf area. Her fashion designs gained world fame due to its accuracy stitching and courage in using colors and best modern fabrics. Al-Houti said she is proud with the Arab women who were able to get into many fields that were not available before, and she hopes the woman can reflect her beauty in all other fields.

Her perseverance and love of fashion made her introduce a new method of design, that gave her special impression to launch the best of fashion, and she imposed herself on the field with her ambition, to a point that she was able to go a long way with work and effort in searching for the strongest fashion trends Kuwaiti woman is looking for, in addition to Arab and foreign women. She won many prizes in various countries.