KUWAIT: The public prosecution yesterday ordered the detention of the prime suspect accused of murdering a killing a man during a fight in Hawalli two weeks ago for 10 days pending investigations, and referred him to the central prison. The prosecution also released six others, three Kuwaitis and three expats who were arrested in the same case on KD 300 bail each. In this regard, lawyer Zaid Al-Khabbaz said that the public prosecution released his expatriate clients on bail pending forensic medicine reports about their injuries so that he could take proper legal measures. Notably, the first and second defendants, Kuwaitis, face first degree murder charges as they intentionally ran over the victim, Egyptian, with the intention of killing him.

The administrative court yesterday ordered changing the nationality of a Yemeni in his thirties to become ‘stateless’ after he had sued the ministries of interior and health, the immigration directorate, the Public Authority of Civil Information and the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents, demanding changing his nationality. In his case, the man explained that he had been born in Kuwait in 1986 and that due to certain harsh conditions, his father had to get Yemeni passports for all family members including him when he was still a child. The man explained that his father then handed over all the Yemeni passport back to the embassy and regained legal status as ‘stateless’ for all family members except for the plaintiff who had been suffering and reported wanted for violating residency laws while his parents and siblings held article 17 passports specified for stateless people in Kuwait.

Payroll alternative
Rapporteur of the parliamentary human resources committee MP Dr Oudah Al-Rowai’e said that the committee had several topics on its agenda for the current parliamentary term with the strategic payroll alternative project on top of it.

By A Saleh