The signing of agreement of Anderlecht Academy.

KUWAIT: Former Egyptian soccer star Ahmad Hassan signed an agreement to establish the Anderlecht Academy in Kuwait in the presence of Director General of Al-Nahar Royal Company Amro Hindi, board member of Egypt Soccer Association Magdy Abdelghany, and board member of Presentation Company Ibrahim Al-Tahawi.

Hassan said during a press conference “it is an honor to be in Kuwait to establish Anderlecth Academy, in order to discover talent.” He added “due to my relation with the Belgian club, I got the rights to establish academics in the Middle East, and we have many branches in Egypt, and negotiations began with our friends in Kuwait a short time ago through Ibrahim Al-Tahawi and things went smoothly, and an agreement was reached during a record tie.”

Abdelghani on his part said “Kuwait is the first Arab state that broke the sports siege against Egypt in 1983, when the national team received an invitation from Martyr Fahad Al-Ahmad to play a friendly match in Kuwait, then received several invitations from Arab countries.

Ahmad Hassan seen with officials and children after signing the agreement.

Abdelhgani spoke about Egypt’s qualification to the World Cup, adding that we qualified due to the unity between all sides and hiring an outstanding coach the Argentinean Hector Cooper, and hoped that Egypt end in an easy group during the draw, while all officials have hopes that Egypt will reach the round of 16.

He expressed regret that the generation of Ahmad Hassan Mohammad Abu Taika, Mohammad Barakat, Wael Jumaa and Hosny Abdel Rabu were not able to qualify for the World Cup.

Meanwhile Amro Hindi said the aim of this academy is to teach children sports, besides the educational aspect.
He said that he suffered from many drawbacks in some academies in Kuwait, so he decided to establish the academy and is keen to avoid the drawbacks, and that Ahmad Hassan was the best man that an agreement can be signed with due to his tremendous popularity. He said the academy was keen on signing with accredited coaches, and agreed with Salmiya Sports Club to provide the play grounds and there is a good interest in the athletes clothes.


By Abdelatf Sharaa