Kuwait: A harasser disappeared after a lady in her forties hit him with her shoe for chasing her in Fahaheel. A security source said a call was received about a fight between a man and a woman in a popular market, so they went there and found the woman, a citizen, who told police she punished him her way. She said that a man chased her while she was shopping and wanted to do indecent acts with her. She said she was forced to beat him with her shoe and when people interfered, he ran away.

Stolen An Indian man told Salmiya police someone stole his car’s bumper while parked in front of his house. The man said the bumper was completely missing. Detectives are looking for the culprit as the prosecutor considered it a felony.

Missing An expatriate woman was apprehended briefly by police following a report from her Egyptian husband saying that she went missing following a dispute. The woman was returned to her home by Farwaniya police