KUWAIT: Two handicapped children, a boy and a girl, were trapped inside a car as the key was left inside. Farwaniya firemen responded to a call and the two children were freed unharmed.

Drug arrest A citizen was sent to Drugs Control General Department for possessing and using drugs. A security source said the citizen was caught after a chase on foot in Khaitan. The man is also wanted on a theft case.

Fatal crash A car flipped over in Sabah Al-Salem yesterday killing a citizen. Firemen removed his body out of the car and handed it to concerned authorities. A case was filed to investigate the incident.

Fires A ground cable caught fire in Sabahiya, so Mangaf firemen responded and buried the cable with sand. Ministry of Electricity and Water Emergency team took over after the fire was put out. In another incident, Failaka firemen rushed to a fire in a house and put it out. Only material losses were reported. Similarly, fire broke out in a Waha house prompting Jahra firemen to respond. The fire was in one of the living rooms, which was full of foam furniture, causing a thick layer of smoke. The place was evacuated and fire was put out in a short time. In other incidents, Jahra occupational center rushed to a car on fire on Salmy Road near the 5 kilometers mark. The fire was put out and no injuries were reported. In another story, firemen dealt with a blaze in three cars parked in front of a house in Mangaf. Firemen put out the fire, which spread to a tent inside the house fence. One person suffered from smoke suffocation and was taken by paramedics. Finally, fire broke out in a money transfer vehicle while parked at the banks’ complex. Hilai firemen responded to the call and found the fire in the car’s front spreading backwards. The fire was put out quickly, and no injuries were reported.

KD 21,000 embezzlement An Egyptian accountant was arrested for embezzling KD 21,000 from a car sales company. A security source said a discrepancy of nearly KD 21,000 was discovered and the accountant confessed to embezzling the amount.

Bootleggers caught Ahmadi police arrested two Asian men with 263 bottles of homebrewed liquor. Police patrols noticed a car parked near a power transformer with two persons in them. When the two saw police they ran on foot, but they were caught and arrested. Both were sent to concerned authorities.

Abandoned vehicles Surra Cleaning Center team removed 28 vehicles and continued its campaign to remove abandoned cars or those for sale, said Kuwait Municipality’s Public Relations Department

By Hanan Al-Saadoun