KUWAIT: Half of government employees do not work and do not produce anything, which means around 195,000 employees in all government departments are practically useless. This is what the IMF, World Bank, consultation offices and local studies have confirmed. Economist Jassim Al-Saadoun said Kuwait is the number one in the world as far as the number of public employees are concerned compared to the total population.

Financial sources warned against increasing the numbers of those who do not have any designation except being a part of masked unemployment, with the exception of education, medical, nursing and other sectors that are suffering from a shortage of Kuwaiti employees.
The sources said there is no justification for piling up employees from the economic point of view; rather it will lead to a financial catastrophe, as salaries ate up 63 percent of oil revenues last year. Administrators said this also leads to negative outcomes, such as inequality between productive and non-productive workers, which frustrates those who are doing real jobs and fuels corruption. – Al-Qabas