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hello-965We often hear or read the terms Half board, Full board or All Inclusive while booking our trip’s hotel or resort. This post is to help you understand the difference before you book. Here we go: Half Board (HB) would include two of your meals, usually breakfast and dinner.

Lunch is usually not included. I would argue that soft drinks are included, but on my latest visits to one of the resorts in the GCC, half board did not even include water. I was charged extra for sparkling water – so you might want to almost ‘always’ inquire whether or not drinks are included in the half board offers. I would recommend half board if you’d like to keep your options open to go out and try local cuisines or even spend the day out on an excursion, but be back for dinner at the hotel.

Full Board (FB) is your standard three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), which includes drinks (soft drinks). Sometimes, any drinks or snacks outside of these meal times will cost you extra. All Inclusive (AI) is the option where all your food during your stay is inclusive all day.

If you’re traveling with children or a big family, this option is very convenient. Pretty much everything is included in the package price in this option.

This is the best type among the three for those who do not plan to go out from the hotel/resort they are staying in, or who don’t want to worry about carrying cash around while on holiday. You may also be entitled to water sports and other activities which you would usually expect to pay for.

Keep in mind – if you are booked in a resort where you will spend all your vacation time, choose the All Inclusive option. It would be the best.

Finally, there’s a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) option which usually includes breakfast only. This is a good option if you’re spending all day outside the hotel. Remember, always ask the hotel/resort about their options, since they differ from one hotel to another.

The easiest way to ask a hotel about their options offered is to drop them an email, so that when they respond back to you, it’s clear and easy. If you don’t have the time to wait, call them, and they should answer you on the spot.