The Real Fouz
The Real Fouz

We’ve all went through a phase where we struggle with our hair being extremely dry and weak after bleaching. It’s the summer and many of us fantasize about our dark tans, blonde locks and summer love, but we never truly think about the damages we can cause to either our hair and skin. The thing is, we can all change the color of hair as much as we want, but it is very important to take care of our hair after we’ve done whatever we want, or else we’ll just end up with extremely unhealthy and damaged hair.

Many times we want to go for a color change, and most of the times we want to go lighter or add in some highlights or lowlights, where we must bleach our hair for the perfect shade of blonde, bronde, honey, you name it! We tend to forget or not even notice that not only the bleaching can ruin the quality of our hair, but what’s even worse is what we do to our hair after we’ve bleached it!

The very first thing you want to STOP using is shampoo after you’ve bleached your hair for an entire week. Yes, a week. The reason is because the peroxide in the bleach has already stripped your hair raw from all the natural oils that your hair normally contains, and shampoo contains sodium lauryl sulfate which will only damage your hair more and keep it dry as the Sahara Desert! Stick to using deep moisturizing conditioners for a week, I know it might be hard to do so but trust me, you will thank me later if you didn’t know this fact.

Stay away from flat irons
For a month after bleaching, always try to use leave in conditioners, as well as deep moisturizing conditioners, because this will help you lock in the moisture in your hair which will allow it to repair itself faster and hopefully go back to what it was before you’ve bleached it. For that extra extra moisture, add Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your shampoo, conditioner or just leave it in your hair after you have shampoo’d and conditioned your hair.

Stay away from flat irons, curling irons, any sort of tool that you use that gives off heat because it will only make everything worse. Try to keep the hairstyling only for occasions, and you’ll notice how fast your hair will be repaired.

If you are REALLY suffering from how dried up and burnt looking your hair is, or how obvious the tips of your hair are, you might want to consider going for a trim, or chopping off a chunk of your hair to make it at least look healthier.

Seafood diet
Always add protein to the outer layer of your hair, your hair is basically made out of protein. One thing I did, when I went much lighter I really hated how my hair looked like because no matter how I styled it, washed it, moisturized it, it would always look awful! So I started thinking of almost every way possible and what I started to doing is going on a seafood diet. I know it might sound irrelevant of ridiculous but it actually worked! Omega-3 packed foods and protein filled foods will always be good for you, however they are essential for not only having healthier hair, but also better skin and nails.

If all of the above fails, then you’ve either went for a really bad and unprofessional hairdresser or just considering shaving it all off! Nothing is worse than having burnt hair, it makes me insecure actually, because my hair has become a part of my personality, sounds weird but it’s true! Ladies, please consider the damages you are about to cause before going for that drastic change, and most importantly always consider the type of hair you’ve got, because sometimes your hair cannot tolerate the bleach. Enjoy your locks!