Hair cysts common among men in Kuwait

Dr Mohammad Al-Slaimi

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Bariatric surgeon at Sabah Hospital Dr Mohammad Al-Slaimi said hair cyst cases are widespread in Kuwait and doctors frequently carry out operations for such cases. Hair cyst is usually found at the lower part of the back, he said, adding that its symptoms include pain and is often accompanied with pus and blood secretions.

Dr Slaimi said in a press statement that it is possible to remove the hair cyst without leaving scars, pointing out that men get hair cysts more frequently than women, noting such cases are common between the ages of 14 to 30. Dr Slaimi explained that hair cyst operations include two procedures, the first is opening and emptying the cyst which is more common and is done at the doctor’s clinic with local anesthesia.

The second procedure is to remove the cyst after making sure the first procedure is not enough, and or if the cyst appears again after it is first removed. This procedure is done under full anesthesia. He said this procedure takes 45 minutes and the patient may go home a few hours later, but will need four weeks to return to his normal daily activities.