Najla Al-Essa

KUWAIT: In celebration of the 60th National Day and the 30th Liberation Day of the State of Kuwait, which both coincide with the 60th anniversary of the founding of Gulf Bank, the Bank surprised fans everywhere with an unforgettable patriotic act. This year, Gulf Bank revived the song, ‘Watani Habibi,’ a patriotic ballad originally sung by children of Kuwait in 2003 before going on to become an iconic national song.

Originally broadcast in 2003, ‘Watani Habibi’ was released to boost national morale. More than 400 children aged between seven and nine years old participated in the song, which was written by the renowned poet, Saher, and composed by the creative composer, Mishaal Al-Arouj. This year, 18 years since the song’s release, Gulf Bank met the song’s stars and heroes, who are now young men and women.

Gulf Bank’s national day video immediately won over the admiration of viewers, and was widely considered the top national day ad, according to a marketing survey. Within an hour of its launch, the video became one of the top three trending topics on Twitter, and received over a million views on YouTube in less than three days, with a first place ranking for two days. The national day video also received more than 3 Million views on social media in less than a week.

Regarding Gulf Bank’s national day video, Najla Al-Essa, the Head of Marketing at Gulf Bank, said: “This year, we were proud to celebrate a number of joyous occasions in Kuwait: the country’s 60th National Day and 30th Liberation Day, and Gulf Bank’s 60-year anniversary. On this special occasion, we knew we wanted to pay homage to and celebrate the glories of our homeland and its people.

Gulf Bank has been an integral part of the Kuwaiti fabric, having participated in every major event that the country has witnessed in the past sixty years. We look forward to serving our clients for many more years to come, and celebrating many more national milestones in the process.”

Gulf Bank’s national day video gained widespread popularity and was quickly shared across social media and WhatsApp, rapidly making its way to the top three most popular topics on Twitter within an hour of its launch. Viewers can find and listen to the song on popular music streaming platform, Anghami.