KUWAIT: Gulf Bank’s sustainability team was present last Wednesday at the Coronavirus Rapid Screening Center in Sabhan, to distribute preventive material to visitors who wished to be screened. The effort took place as part of the bank’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility, and as part of its community sustainability efforts in raising awareness about the virus and its prevention.

This initiative comes as part of a wider set of initiatives pioneered by Gulf Bank. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Kuwait, Gulf Bank has worked tirelessly to improve working conditions for both employees and customers alike. During the first stages of returning to normal life, which included the reopening of the bank’s branches, the bank launched a mental health campaign for employees to help them cope with the spread of the pandemic and the various health challenges employees may have faced as a result.

The Assistant General Manager of Corporate Communications at Gulf Bank, Ahmad Al-Amir, commented: “Our team was present at the Coronavirus Rapid Testing Center in Sabhan as part of our recognition of the larger societal role that major enterprises contribute in supporting governmental and public efforts. Throughout this initiative, we made every effort to spread positivity and hope to everyone who visited the testing center, and to provide them with the necessary preventive material for the times we are currently living in, and which will hopefully soon be a thing of the past, God willing.”

It is worth noting that Gulf Bank’s social media activity was greatly amplified earlier this year, as the bank launched several community sustainability campaigns commensurate with the conditions the country was undergoing, including the lockdown and curfew periods. These initiatives included a physical health and at-home exercise campaign, a home decor and lifestyle campaign, and a financial and economic awareness initiative.

Gulf Bank also launched a mobile application allowing customers to book appointments to visit their nearest branch. The app aims to reduce wait times and make the process of visiting a branch more convenient, especially in light of the current restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The “Visit Gulf Bank” app is available to download for all Gulf Bank clients on both iOS and Android devices. Gulf Bank customers can book their appointments through the app and specify their preferred date, time and branch, granting them a smoother and faster branch visit.

Gulf Bank is keen on applying all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the regular sterilization of its locations. These measures include taking customers’ temperatures at the entrance, maintaining physical distance, and ensuring both customers and employees are wearing gloves and masks at all times. Gulf Bank is committed to applying the best preventive health measure to ensure the safety of both its clients and employees.