KUWAIT: A Kuwait National Guard officer was arrested with three liters of a liquid drug known as ‘rape poison’ and meth, said security sources. The sources explained that the suspect had been importing the liquid claiming it was a glass cleaning material, adding that he told detectives that he usually sold one milliliter of the liquid for KD 1. Detectives also arrested an associate who had been helping him in distributing the drug.

Well-informed sources told Al-Rai that the liquid drug known as ‘gama drug’ is very dangerous and known as ‘rape poison’, as users cannot remember anything that happens when under its effect. “That is why it is known as rape poison,” the sources added, noting that it was banned in the US in 1991 before many other countries worldwide banned it. The sources added that the drugs control department was notified so that the drug could be listed on the banned drugs lists.

Case papers indicate that Mubarak Al-Kabeer criminal investigators had been tipped off concerning an Egyptian man selling and abusing drugs, who was later arrested with meth and a transparent liquid. The suspect confessed to purchasing the drug form an officer in the National Guard, who was also arrested. A case was filed.

Two dead in crash
Two Kuwaiti citizens were killed and a third was seriously injured when a vehicle turned over near Mansouriya along King Fahd highway, said security sources. A case was filed for investigations to reveal the circumstances behind the accident.

Stray dogs attack sheep
A Kuwaiti owner of a ranch in Wafra reported that his ranch was repeatedly raided by stray dogs that killed 11 and injured seven of his precious white goats. “This cost me over KD 3,000,” the citizen complained, noting that feral dogs had recently increased in Wafra and were also attacking people. Other citizens confirmed the story, noting that stray dogs had also attacked several other ranches before they were chased off into an abandoned ranch.

Worshipper insults security
Two security officers stationed at the Grand Mosque filed a complaint against a worshipper, accusing him of insulting them when they urged him to follow preventive measures set to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during Friday prayers. The officers said the man ignored their advice and when they repeated it, he cursed and insulted them. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Drunk fake cop caught
A drunkard was arrested for drinking and impersonating as a police detective, said security sources, noting that the suspect stopped a Syrian taxi driver and asked him for his ID. To his bad luck, passersby witnessed the incident and called the police, who rushed to the scene and arrested the suspect.

Kidnap and robbery
An Indian man reported that around 10 people in three different vehicles kidnapped him from Jleeb and took him to Fintas, where they robbed the KD 110 he had, assaulted him and then dumped him. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress to identify and arrest the suspects.

Three accidents
Under the effect of drugs, a Kuwaiti man drove his vehicle on the wrong side of the road, causing three crashes, said security sources, noting that the suspect was trying to escape a police patrol when he collided into two vehicles and then collided with a police patrol car. He also attempted to run over a policeman before he was arrested with drugs.

Case papers indicate that police operations received a report about a vehicle suspiciously parked outside a restaurant in Sabah Al-Nasser. On seeing the police approaching, the suspect drove off on the wrong side of Sixth Ring Road at tremendous speed, colliding into two vehicles, and when trapped by a police patrol car, he deliberately hit it and tried to run over a policeman who stepped out to arrest him. The suspect was finally controlled when warning shots were fired in the air. He was taken to the proper authorities to face charges.

By-election suspects summoned
The public prosecution has started summoning around 200 parliamentary election nominees who had taken part in by-elections that were monitored by the Ministry of Interior, Al-Rai reported. Legal sources said the public prosecution had formed special work teams and lists to summon the nominees and is expected to complete investigations within 10 days. The nominees are facing charges of violating the law banning by-elections as well as violating Ministry of Health decisions banning gatherings as part of precautionary measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.